Welcome The New Station Setup

A New Way of Life and A Brand New Way of Handling Station Operation. Saving Costs and making the most of the network servers we have is so key so that’s where we have come in with Proxmox. Proxmox is a alternative to VMWare and is a very feature packed software for the great cost of 0.00$ and it’s open source along with a great supportive community. The goal of using this software is really to put all our needs into one basic platform. Along with a backup of this setup we can run the station at a very low cost of 0.00$ (FREE) and also take advantage of having full internal control which means we can set the security the way we want for our stations and saving costs and making less bills each month since there won’t be a need for having multiple providers. We have cloudflare as a CDN / WAF / DDOS protection service – Free Tier works great and we’re hosting the stations programming inside and the automation inside too with Azuracast and then hosting the online streams outside of the building through afterburst a great option at just 10$ per month unlimited data and very high storage. We’re Using Afterburst as an external icecast server (Icecast is a program that makes streaming our station possible) and we’re also using it as a way to video stream as an alternative to boxcast or to streaming pulse media killing 2 birds with one stone

Here is a screenshot of us uploading a Windows 10 ISO image for installation later today.